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How do we share culture?

We answer the question how does an artist in one place showcase artwork to a client in a different place?

We help artists converse with clients with online shows, an image based gallery and private client rooms.

Optimists see the glass as half full,  pessimist say it's half empty,  artist makes you grateful for the glass.

Elliot J. Nitkin, Principal

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To sell your art on my site, we ask for a twenty-five percent (25%) commission for a successful sale.

By agreeing to be represented by us you have access to present your work in my gallery and through the art shows.

If a client expresses interest, you will be asked to contribute ideas which will be presented online first and then, potentially, in person.

If you contribute art suggestions, you are deemed to have agreed to participate in that potential sale, committing yourself to our commission should your work be chosen.

You set the price of your artwork.

I do not hold onto payment to the artist.  It is very important to me that the artist gets paid his or her fair amount (the total of the sale price set by you, the artist, less twenty-five percent 25%).

Once the client has agreed to own the artwork, his or her decision is final and you will be paid, usually by money transfer online.

We want to be very open about this, so if you have questions, please feel free to ask.

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