Profit from Connection
The new age of sourcing art, furniture and decor.

Our home is the space above all others that reflects our memories with family and friends.  Our workspaces reflect who we are as professionals.  Designers are hired to create those spaces.

The concept

I have spent more than fifteen years consulting on art, furniture and decor.  I know that a designer’s greatest asset is the ability to create the concept and that their profit is derived from maximizing billable hours.  However, up to eight hours a week is spent researching FF & E pieces, presenting those items, and arranging for their installation.

Sourcing FF & E efficiently

SOURCING @ THE ART CONCIERGE will save you countless hours of searching, hundreds of dollars in gas and the reality of health concerns.

Now, for the introductory rate of $100.00 per room plus tax, you can post a request for art, furniture and décor, including pictures of the space, while discussing your client’s needs with your client.  Why take your time or pay a member of your staff to contact suppliers for every project?  Let your suppliers spend their time consulting their catalogues and choosing options.

Our storyboards will maximize your time by providing a wide range of available design ideas.  You only have to go see the pieces you love so you can concentrate on doing what adds the most value to your service:

Creating a remarkable space.

The process of marketing you

In exchange for referring THE ART CONCIERGE your name will always appear on your client's storyboard.


Your company logo can go next to your picture.
You can also provide a personal statement.


Start a Project with pictures of your client's space using a smartphone or iPad.


We post that request to retailers, galleries and artists to create a storyboard.


Short list ideas, arrange to see the items, choose colours and buy.

Art project

Project resume

Furniture project

Daily routines compared