Impress with connection
The new age of sourcing art, furniture and decor.

Our home is the space above all others that reflects our memories with family and friends.  It deserves to be uniquely ours.

The concept

When clients purchase a property they first photograph their new space and then spend hundreds of dollars on gas and countless hours shopping seven or more furniture retailers.

In any time frame that is extremely time consuming.  In the age of Covid, it is also an enormous health concern.

At each one they go through a long list of pictures with sales consultant after sales consultant, adding more pictures from the retailer. 

They are left with a library of imagery none of which contextualizes the items they like in their new space.

If your clients are buying real estate, they are busy people of means.

Offer them a far more effective alternative.

The solution

SOURCING @ THE ART CONCIERGE offers your clients the means to post a request for art, furniture and décor, right from their new space, if they want to.  We will consult with the best stylemakers in the city to create a storyboard of ideas.

All your clients have to do is shortlist their favourite ideas and go see them.

They can mix and match elements and judge them within the context of their new space.  All of those smartphone pictures they take can be very useful.

For an introductory fee of $100.00 plus tax per room, your clients can experience next level service.

The process of marketing you

In exchange for referring THE ART CONCIERGE your name will always appear on your client's storyboard.


Your company logo can go next to your picture.
You can also provide a personal statement.


Clients can Start a Project with pictures of their space using a smartphone or iPad.

Art project


We post that request to retailers, galleries and artists to create a storyboard.

Furniture project


Your clients short list items and arrange to see them, choose colours and buy.

Project resume