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Jurgita Gerlikatie.

An introduction to European sensibility.

By Elliot J. Nitkin

urgita Gerlikaitė a professional art critic "seduced" by Zibunas Mikšys, has left the meadows of art history and theory, and moved to the great reaches of graphics.
(Jurgita Ludavičienė, Art Critic. Literatūra ir menas, 2009)

This is the introduction to Jurgita’s most recent show “Metaphysical Reconstruction” presented at the Vilnius art gallery "D'arijaus papuošalai".  Jurgita, an internationally exhibited artist is now hoping to grace the walls of Canadian spaces as she embarks on an effort to bring her work to future Canadian enthusiasts.

Humanity explored is humanity understood

Jurgita’s work has both a haunting beauty and surreal quality that is reminiscent of the European temperament.  Her nature scenes suggest a dreamlike state that melds the psychological intrigue of the subconscious with reality; portrayed in black and white or through the combination of objects and materials.

Jurgita’s work also allows us to see the human condition as it is understood half a world away.  Her work has been shown in galleries all over Eastern, Western and Northern Europe as well as Dubai and America. It is her sense of connection to the world around her that has allowed her work to intrigue many different people, in many different cultures.

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