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Art for your office.

with Nansi Lynn Kivisto.
By Elliot J. Nitkin

our walls are a marketing platform; they have to tell your corporate story.

If this were your office, whose photography do you think would convey your corporate message well?

What would the image look like?  

Here is the dilemma for busy business people:

There is so much imagery to choose from, how can you make a great choice efficiently and with an eye to helping the environment?

Going gallery to gallery is fun, but it is time consuming and demands a lot of fuel.

You can create a huge gallery of imagery on your Smartphone, but that does not answer the question, how will it look in the space.

You could pay a designer, but that will only add to the cost and artists would love to curate your collection.

Now you can try ARTsourcing by THE ART CONCIERGE.

ARTsourcing allows you to see different pieces in pictures of your office filled by the best artists saving you a lot of time and expense.

We are very pleased to profile Nansi Lynn Kivisto.

Nansi is an independent award-winning photographer who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design.

Nansi is inspired by architectural design and composes unique abstract elements from iconic buildings in Vancouver and the lower mainland.

She combines her love of nature with architecture manipulating compositions that arouse the immagination. 

Nansi’s experience as an art consultant for almost a decade (selling fine art) has contributed to her own eye for design and creative talent.

She has also been an established gallery artist (Art Works Gallery) with extensive and continued sales of her fine art photographs.

She has assisted interior designers taking interior photographs and transforming them into the designers visual ideas.

She digitally shows how the designer will recreate and dramatically transform the space. It is a remarkable way to show the before and after of an interior or exterior.

Born in Ontario and raised in Burnaby, B.C. Nansi now resides in the Fraser Valley.

Nansi is dedicated to her form of artistic expression and continues to challenge herself and push the boundaries of photography.

Imagine if you have a client in to your office, make a great presentation and then they look up from you to a blank wall.

Their reaction will be a real sense of being jarred back into reality. 

You want them to feel a sense of well being and trust, that you are going to get them to a better place then where they are now.

That's what all professionals do:  lawyers, doctors, accountants, all professions take a client from where they are today to a better position tomorrow.

You want your art to be a part of the mood you work so hard to create personally.

If you think Nansi's work might look great in your office all you have to do is start a Project Board.

Nansi will respond to you with a portfolio of ideas showcasing her work in the pictures of your space.

She will also provide you with a description of why she thinks you will like them, to help you understand her art.

You can get to know Nansi and her art communicating by email or phone.

Then arrange to see her work in your space.  It's that simple.

And the most important thing of all,   ENJOY IT.

Nansi's work is exciting, owning a piece will make you happy.