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© Pamella Holl Hunt

Art for art’s sake.

The vision of Pamela Holl Hunt"

By Elliot J. Nitkin

here was a time when artists felt that the quality of their art was more important than the money it made them, that a closely banded society of thinkers and creators, could challenge society, not scoff at it from the sidelines.

Pamela Holl Hunt is a classically trained painter who studied with some of the best including Stanley William Hayter, the renowned British print maker.  After his tutelage in Paris, she studied at London’s Hornsey College of Art and later at the Beaux Arts in Brussels and the Musée Cinquantenaire.

While her influences are varied, she is driven by the need to express emotion and a caring for the world.  The colours she uses reflect the state of her soul at the time she is painting; they come from inside her and spill onto the canvas.

"My paintings are derived from my love of life. I'm attracted to the beauty of life all around me. I paint what I feel.”

She looks to find beauty in the natural world and derives her emotions from that experience, even the most common of sights one might find in nature like a brook of water running through trees or a beach landscape.  Her work reminds us that we live through our experiences and revelling in those experiences is a power we all posses.

To view Pam’s work please refer to THE ART CONCIERGE on Pinterest.

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